The story of my life

About me

I recognize myself as unpredictable, I never know where I am going until I get there, I am so random, always growing, learning, changing, I am never the same person, but I always end up doing what I want to do.

That personality is what led me to believe that you can have a better world by living with art and it was that idea that won me over to become a painter. Being a typical young rebel, it was an idea that I took to action immediately after it was planted in my head.

I think that the difficulties and stumbles in my beginnings made me a persevering and tenacious artist to achieve my goal.

My painting is distinguished by being minimalist, monochromatic and simple. (I’ve always believed that simplicity is the root of ultimate sophistication.)My recurring theme is women, because I believe that in every beginning of something great there is a woman who provokes it.

I think that each artistic work we come across tells us more about ourselves than about what the painter has wanted to say. That is why I chose hyperrealism to express myself and that each viewer could, with familiar images in our visible reality, recognize part of their inner being, their beliefs, thoughts and fascinations.

I still believe that if a work of art changed my destiny; a work of art can change; to improve, the destiny, life, feelings and thoughts of any spectator …


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